Big Ideas from Little Looms

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Little looms have held a fascination for me from the first time I picked up a vintage pink plastic Weave-It Loom at a thrift store. My interest percolated slowly for several years but has been gathering momentum as I see more and more possibilities inherent in modular weaving.

A tiny loom has tremendous possibilities and some advantages over a large loom. They’re cheap. They’re portable. Experiment with an idea and see the result in less than fifteen minutes. There are no size limits and very few shape limits with modular construction. Woven squares are ideal for mixing with other fiber and art techniques, such as crochet, knitting, felting, sewing and more. And they're FUN!

You’re invited to join me here to explore types of little looms, note their idiosyncrasies and explore their capabilities. Please view these pages with your mind open to the possibilities of expanding my ideas and coming up with your own original works.

If I motivate you to create, then my mission is fulfilled.

Jana Trent