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Beyond The Obvious

There are weaving techniques possible that are not in any of the hand-held loom publications.
Brooks Bouquet
Brooks Bouquet
The Fort Worth Weavers Guild wove hundreds of Brooks Bouquet bookmark samples on the Weavette™ bookmark loom that we submitted as our sample to Contemporary Handweavers of Texas. (Many of our members learned to like—and some to hate—little looms. These are weavers who often are found in the middle of huge, multi-harness looms with elaborate tie-ups, so it was quite a change of pace.) Brooks Bouquet is easily worked on the last needle-woven layer by making backstitches over several threads at chosen intervals. This creates little warp bundles and open space on either side of them. The pattern shows up best in a smooth, thin yarn with a lot of body, like linen or hemp. It can be an all-over pattern, a motif (ie, diamond or square) or a border.

(More weaving techniques to come!)